Arbab Rustam Guiv Dar E Mehr Zoroastrian Temple New York

New Darbe Mehr Building Project

The New Rochelle Darbe-Mehr was the very first Zoroastrian Center in North America. The community enjoyed this large charming modified residential home for many decades. We out grew this facility and after years of grueling searches found a wonderful property in Pomona NY which housed a Jewish community center. This was purchased in 2001 and has been the Zoroastrian community’s home for the past 10 years. Over the years we have considered many options from upgrading to expansion to a completely new building.

After years of discussion, a group of community members have rationalized that a new building makes the most sense, got commitments of $400,000 from die-hard supporters and approached DMZT/IZA/ZAGNY with their thought process to get their initial support to investigate this initiative further. The result is the New Darbe-Mehr Initiative (NDMI) LLC, a business entity which would spend the collected funds, rather than DMZT community funds, to explore this idea and opportunity. After more than 6 months of design options and a string of meetings with DMZT/IZA/ZAGNY we are finally at a point where we have a Building design which meets the needs identified by these organizations. We have very rough preliminary cost estimates and some preliminary pledges which make the whole proposition exciting and certainly doable with wide participation.

We would like to present and discuss this project with the entire community on May 1st, 2011. It should be noted that this is a starting point and detailed design, detailed engineering, firm cost estimates etc. are all pending. DMZT/IZA/ZAGNY committees will continue to be intimately involved and when all of the information is available DMZT will conduct detailed due diligence before going to the community with its recommendation and the community’s approval. We encourage all members of the Zoroastrian Community to please come and participate in the presentations and discussions –

Date & Venue:     Sunday, May 1st at Darbe-Mehr, Pomona

12 Noon :             DMZT – AGM

1:00 PM :             Lunch hosted by NDMI

2:00 PM :             New Building Presentation & Discussion by DMZT/IZA/ZAGNY/NDMI

RSVP:   If you will stay for lunch and are not signed up for ZAGNY Lunch (regular Religion Class attendees need not RSVP), please email / call –

Jasely Dukandar – – Tel. No. 732-494-7976 (evenings only) OR

Sheroo Kanga – – Tel. No. 609-448-0192

It is a historic opportunity to build, utilize with pride, cherish, and pass on to the next generation.



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