Arbab Rustam Guiv Dar E Mehr Zoroastrian Temple New York

The Initiative

At the 2010 DMZT- AGM a question was asked as to ‘what was happening about building a New Darbe Mehr?”.

In the past many alternatives were considered but all failed to get off the ground and no initiative was currently active. The DMZT trustees requested the questioner to propose a plan of action to make this ‘dream a reality’. Based on the success of the ZLand model in 2001, a group of 17 diehard ‘believers’ formed NDMI, LLC a business entity capitalized with $500,000.

NDMI would spend its own monies, without using the DMZT Building Fund, to take the project from an idea to reality stage.

It would develop a design, obtain costs, present the details to DMZT/IZA/ZAGNY and initiate fund raising. After DMZT conducts its due diligence it would seek the community’s approval, and at this point NDMI would donate the remaining funds to the DMZT- New Building fund and construction would begin.

This in turn would re-excite the community to contribute even more, assuring a quality completion with required outdoor improvements.

Dar-E-Mehr Visitation Policy

Currently the Dar-E-Mehr is not open for regular visits.

For those wishing to visit the Dar E Mehr, please refer to the following link for open hours.