Arbab Rustam Guiv Dar E Mehr Zoroastrian Temple New York

Audio Visual

Ferzin Patel has produced two audio visual delights and takes us through memory lane from the initial stages of our community in the New York area to where we are today.

The videos remind us of our common heritage, the fun times we have had together, the problems and sad times, and the role our Darbe Mehrs have played in our collective ups and downs. It high lighted that progress is evolutionary and never stands still and we currently have an historic opportunity to build something for the next generation and we will not let the opportunity slip by.


In short the ‘THE FUTURE IS NOW’. It was a sensitive and moving video and numerous persons were seen wiping tears from their eyes.

These were tears of joy and one can imagine how we will feel when we walk into our new Darbe Mehr.

Dar-E-Mehr Visitation Policy

Currently the Dar-E-Mehr is not open for regular visits.

For those wishing to visit the Dar E Mehr, please refer to the following link for open hours.