Arbab Rustam Guiv Dar E Mehr Zoroastrian Temple New York


In any endeavor such as this, many people are involved who put an inordinate amount of time and energy for no other reason than their love of the community and wanting to see it grow and prosper. So we acknowledge their contributions with gratitude.

Each of the NDMI members for believing in the project and committing very substantial seed capital for the initial stages with the potential risk of losing their investment. Also for the groups leadership, cooperation, patience and passion.

Each DMZT Trustee and each Board Member of ZAGNY and IZA who has supported and guided the project to assure success.

Framroze Patel for helping to form NDMI LLC and for preparing the annual tax and other legal documents.

Dinyar Wadia for his involvement, commitment, vision and countless hours spent to change the building design and incorporate numerous  varied objectives and specific plan details with patience and humor.

Arzan Sam Wadia and Shiroy Ranji for offering alternative plan designs and food for thought which helped to develop an optimum design.

Ferzin Patel for  producing an effective audio visual delight about our  Tri-State Community’s journey over the past 40 years.

Viatcheslav Nikitin and Darius Bharucha for working with Dinyar to design and prepare the detailed engineering drawings for the building.

Ray Ahmadi, the consulting engineer for preparing the Site Plans and for guiding the Building Permitting process through Town Hall.

Farrokh Patel for working with potential contractors and obtaining cost estimates and also for specific construction help and direction.

The Fund Raising Committee, for its tireless efforts to raise funds for our Capital Campaign and for organizing various Fund Raisers. Also Behram Irani, who visited from Dallas, TX to share  his professional knowledge and experience about Capital Campaign ‘ Best Practices’.

Nina Mistry and Minu Dutia for their painstaking record keeping and administrative help to keep track of the Capital Funds and also Nina’s publication edits.

The Building Committee, whose work is just starting, but will no doubt be challenging.

The Mystic India Team members(in alphabetical order by last name) Percis Bansal, Mehru Cama, Behroze Clubwala, Percis Daruwala, Edul Daver, Sheroo Kanga, Nina Mistry, Mrinalini Nair, Khursheed Navder, Ferzin Patel, Piroja Press and Arzan Sam Wadia, supported by Astad Clubwala, Kaika Clubwala, Framroze Patel, Cyrus Pavri and numerous other volunteers, for their untiring efforts and commitment to organize the first large-scale public fund raising event for the Indian community to benefit our new Darbe Mehr building.”

All our donors for making the ‘Possible, Likely’ and all our potential donors who will make the ‘Likely, Definite’!

Also countless others, who have supported and impacted the project in a positive way by helping to raise funds, by contributing their valuable time, or with a simple but powerful comment at a critical juncture.


Dar-E-Mehr Visitation Policy

Currently the Dar-E-Mehr is not open for regular visits.

For those wishing to visit the Dar E Mehr, please refer to the following link for open hours.